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Hi everyone,

I hope that you're all staying safe during these uncertain times.

This is just a message to ensure everyone that lessons with myself are continuing as usual. I am however putting a few provisions in place to ensure that we move forward in the safest possible manner.

If you feel unwell leading up to a lesson please contact me in plenty of time.

As advised by the government it may be advantageous for some of my lessons to be moved onto the golf course, however I am still happy to continue to teach in our Swing Studio as usual.

I am conscious that it is preferable to cut down on human contact during the sessions and I will keep at distance where appropriate.

In the mean time if you would prefer not to come down to Kingswood but you would still like to work on your game I am offering online lessons! During which I will send you an in depth analysis and offer multiple drills and suggestions on how to improve your technique. For more information on online lessons, contact me via email at

Stay safe everyone, and I look to seeing you all soon.

Kind regards,



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