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Based in the Doncaster area, working at Hickleton Golf Club, I am a fully qualified PGA professional coach. I achieved accredited status in 2022 meaning I am now recognised as a Wedge Matrix short game specialist. I am extremely passionate about the short game and believe that I can help anyone improve their proximity to the hole with all short game shots. As well as specialising in the short game, I teach golfers ranging from total beginners to PGA Professionals, so if you'd like to break 100 or break par, I've got you covered.

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It's a solution to a problem. It's building a relationship. It's providing support and guidance. It's celebrating success. It's being there when it goes wrong. It's long term strategy over short term fixes. It's more than just a golf lesson!


Within each of my sessions I use GC Quad, the most accurate and precise launch monitor available, to ensure that we can identify and fix any problem you may have, quickly and efficiently. Full lesson reports can also be emailed to each player upon request.

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